About the Spelling Bee “Bee a Champion!”

By: Sebastián Valverde

On August 24th, Ecomundo had its 6th Interscholastic Spelling Bee contest. This contest consists on spelling letter by letter words in English, this sounds easy for some people, but with the pressure of an audience seeing you on a closed place, the difficulty increases, and of course remember about all the ways to pronounce a Word and how to do it, is really difficult.

Invitation sent to participants from different schools.

The contest was guided by Valerie Cepeda and me, Miss Karrie Orellana was the caller (person responsible of saying the words), and as judges were Daniela Célleri, Olga Sánchez, and Raúl Rodríguez who were the ones in charge of determine if the spelled was right or not.

The students that participated in this event were from 7th Basic and from different schools like Delta, Delfos, IPAC, and others. They had the task to prove themselves Bee Champions.

A contestant during the Spelling Bee Contest.

The event started with the opening speech from Miss Vickie Weber, the English Area Director after which each contestant had to pick up a number and spell the word given.

It was really hard for the contestants, a lot of them were eliminated on the first few rounds, but then on the 7th round, there were only 10 contestants, these 10 remained for the following 5 rounds so the judges took the decision to move to the Secret Words. These words were chosen from the E-Book Mathilda and the contestants proved why they were the bests.

At the end, the student from Delfos, who during the entire contest was participating with happiness and enthusiasm, was declared the champion.

Winners of the 6th Interscholastic Spelling Bee – Image taken from El Universo

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