New subject, new projects!

By: Aisha Shaban

This year we have a new subject called Academic Writing or Language through the Arts and we have learned new topics such as the History of Art, Meaning and Definition of Art, History of Calligraphy and Typography, Persuasive Photography among others that are kind of new since we have seen Art but never studied deeply a topic.


With this new subject, new projects came. We have made new MYP Projects in each Unit. One project that was for Ninth Graders and which I consider that was something new and interesting was the String Art / Calligraphic Poster. We made it in Unit 2 of the First Term and was about designing and creating a String Art and a Calligraphic Poster. For those of you who do not know what String Art is, is an arrangement of colored thread strung between points.


In order to make this we needed to take in consideration knowledge acquired during the Unit to design the art projects. The String Art consisted on creating a font with the first letter of our names and in a balsa wood we needed to design the letter with the tacks and finally we passed wool around the tacks. I designed the font of the first letter of my name that is the letter A and I passed pink color wool around the tacks.


The Calligraphic Poster consisted on making a calligraphy pen with a straw and filling it with Chinese ink in order to write with it on an A4 cardboard, here you could write whatever you wanted. I wrote a phrase that said: “Whatever you do, do it well” from Walt Disney. It sounds easy but it really is not since we are not used to write with old pens!

Example of a Calligraphic Poster (pen made out of straw)

After we finished our projects, we wrote two narrative paragraphs explaining the creation process of them. In the first paragraph I included the creation process of the String Art and in the second the creation process of the Calligraphic Poster.


This was a new MYP experience because we had never done something like this before, and the most interesting part of this project was that apart of making it WE HAD FUN and it was related to the topic of the Unit.


Teachers must do projects like this because they can encourage students to have fun while learning and they do them with desire and do not get bored with Summative Tasks of every subject.

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