Teachers that inspire me

By: Keyla Armas


It’s very important to rescue the importance of motivation, inspiration that a teacher can transmit onto his/her students. I have a group of teachers who share my child’s values and serve as an inspiration in my life. This is so important to the students because they can be inspired by these people.

I’m going to start with a teacher who daily motivates me to enjoy life in a good way and always do things that make you feel good. This teacher is Miss Alexandra Salcedo, she tells us about her experiences in life and the work she has done for others, such as being a rescuer, helping with drills, etc.

For me she is an example of life to make what you love and also something that can help others. My classmates and I always ask her about her different acts and there is nothing that she has not done! Her actions are so vary and they go from parachute diving to being a girl scout.

She is a person with many values, very disciplined, and teaches us very well Language and Literature, bringing to class all her skills so we can become better people day by day. Miss Alexandra also helps us work with MYP and makes it more fun for us, something that not all teachers do.

Another teacher who definitely motivates me and my classmates is Miss Karrie Orellana, although she is not our teacher right now, but for two years she was our Science and Language Acquisition teacher. It was in her classes where we could learn more of the value of perseverance, have respect for others, be very disciplined, and work for our grades.

Over these two years she became a friend of us making work more fun, including MYP through very creative works such as building sculptures with Play-Doh while discussing about art.

In my opinion, I think that there should be more teachers who motivate students to be better people, set goals, and teach us important values for our lives now and in the future. Not only be our teachers but also be our friends keeping the respect. People that make you want to do homework that we enjoy and teach us good things through fun and creative MYP works.

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