The Hurricane Irma

By: Estefanía Mera

The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season has had several hurricanes unleashing relentless power over several countries and leaving death and destruction behind. Hurricane Irma was no exception. Irma was a horrible catastrophe that has killed a lot of people and destroyed several places in the Caribbean, United Stated (Florida), Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Bahamas, among others.

This hurricane was formed around August 30th and dissipated on September 16th. It was considered to be very dangerous since it went up to Category 5. This means that it has constant winds of 250 km/h or higher according to the US National Hurricane Center.

After the landfall of this hurricane catastrophic damage was left and some places will be inhabitable for several weeks or perhaps months.

Many people were saved thanks to the recommendations that came out on the news. Also, rescuer teams were deployed in order to help people and animals.

Now it is time for the affected to start rebuilding their lives.

Homes are damaged after Hurricane Irma struck in Philipsburg, Saint Martin – Image taken from NBC News

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