What is it like to be an IB student?

By: María Paula Muñoz

In Ecomundo we have implemented two programs of the IB organization. These programs help us to develop many personal characteristics and our knowledge skills. In order to develop them, we have an IB learner profile goal that includes 10 attributes such as balanced, principled, knowledgeable, caring, open-minded, etc.


To develop these skills correctly, during each unit we do summative assessments. They are graded by different criteria and throughout the unit we receive feedback to achieve the best grade. At the end of each unit, the final assessment is presented and our teachers grade them.

But… what does it really mean?

To be an IB student is not only to get an excellent grade in the assessments or to achieve all the objectives, in other words, it is not only to grow as a good student, it is also to grow as a person in your community, to know and learn how to solve your daily problems and to help others to solve theirs.

So with this, now you know that an IB student can make a better world every day.

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