XVI Sports Games – High School

By: Yamel Briones

On September 2nd, students from 8th Basic to 3rd Baccalaureate had the closing ceremony of the XVI Sports Games. It was a beautiful afternoon with incredible presentations.

Students and parents were excited to be part of the program. You could see people wearing the colors of the houses. Family members were arranged by houses too so they could cheer loudly together.

It all started with the Cheerleader Team and their performance where coordination could be appreciated. After that, each house made its entrance and together made the house chant. Later, the students who have excelled in sports were awarded with medals.

The choreography of each of the Houses was the most awaited moment. The public enjoyed the dance steps that the students had practiced for several days. All of them were awesome but I must say I liked the Air House’s best since it is my House.

Before the winners were announced, the Taekwondo Team showed everyone their routines. They even broke bricks! It was amazing! The entire event was incredible and it was an afternoon to remember.

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