About Moving to a New Country

By: Daphne Castelló


Which would be your reaction if one day you find out that you are moving to a new country? How would you adapt to it? What would you miss the most? Well, that is exactly what happened to me! Here is my story…

About three months I had to move to the United States with my mother. It was a little complicated because I was just starting the second unit. When I left I was in Eighth grade and the news was a little sad because that meant I could not hang out with my friends anytime soon.

In my last day in Ecomundo my friends made me surprises, gifts, and letters. It was hard to leave because I have been there since Pre-Kinder. It was hard to leave my city and country behind.

So far, over here in Florida, everything has been fine. Last month, I started classes and sometimes it has been really easy but it is so different from Ecomundo. First of all, we only have 3 classes every day that are about two hours long each. Then, we don’t have recess; we only have lunch and we can’t talk to our friends that are in other classes. Another thing that is different is that school starts at 8:35 AM and it ends at 3:05 PM.

Most people I have met they talk Spanish or Portuguese but we always talk in English. Only speaking English in school is challenging because sometimes I forget the meaning of a word or I cannot express myself, but I do not have any problems at all with the language.

About my friends and country, I miss them as well as the people I met since I was enrolled in Ecomundo. I also miss my teachers who helped me all along my school years. I believe this change is difficult but it is going to be rewarding.

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