XVI Sports Games of Primary

By: Tarhy Llerena and Ana Paula Hernández


These are one of all the beautiful things that we saw in these Sports Games.

On August 19th, Primary had its XVI Sports Games Closing Ceremony. It was an afternoon filled with laughter, cheering, and a mega display of creativity. It was also the opportunity to see each House with their chants, dance choreography, and banner.

About the Chants…

These described perfectly each house through funny rhymes and stating why they wanted to win.

About the Dance Choreography…

The students demonstrated on the dance floor all their preparation. The awesome dances with the unforgettable 80’s songs made us realized that Ecomundo has talented students.

About the People…

One thing that was definitely noticeable was the enthusiasm that each family had. Families cheering and supporting the houses by wearing the representative colors of each house. We loved to see everyone feeling part of Ecomundo as a big community.

About the Leaders…

Throughout the whole event you could see the dedication of the leaders saying why their house was the best.

About the Decoration…

Students that were in charge of the decoration had to follow the school’s requirements in order to combine the four elements with the 80’s theme in these Sports Games.

This year we had the opportunity to see something different and it was the incredible singing presentations of iconic 80’s songs.

In conclusion, all of the things that the Sports Games had made it so special to each person… Thanks Ecomundo for all this entertainment!!


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