Taking a big step

By: Valeria Cepeda

On August 23rd, Ecomundo achieved a fairly important goal. This text is written in order to inform that this huge family is not anymore an applicant category of the Middle Years Program (MYP) now we can proudly say that officially we are a MYP School, this means we are joining over 4,500 schools worldwide.

Information found on http://www.ibo.org
Information found on http://www.ibo.org

Thanks to the organization and effort of Ecomundo, students from 11 to 16 years old possess knowledge about this system and the qualities each of us should have such as communicators, thinkers, inquirers, open-minded (my favorite one) etc, and yes, I am talking about the IB learner profile.

As you can see we covered almost everything, of course we have to keep learning and confronting all the difficulties or issues this might bring, but well, for the kids that right now are on 6th basic, don’t worry, teachers are prepared to show you how this system works and through the years they will get more experience, so I think we are prepared to take the measures and activities this program offers.

So after this accomplishment, what do you think will be next? What objectives will Ecomundo achieve? Maybe we will apply for more programs… or what do you think?

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